Clippers Open Scrimmage 2012

On October 3rd, the Los Angeles Clippers held an open scrimmage for the public at USC Galen’s Center.  It was a good way to get fans excited about the upcoming season and introduce players, much like a college would hold a March Madness to kick off their season.

Caron Butler and Blake Griffin sit on the bench before the scrimmage.

Matt Barnes and DeAndre Jordan play around during practice.

Matt Barnes and DeAndre Jordan continue to kid around.

Caron Butler cracks DeAndre Jordan up prior to practice

DeAndre Jordan embraces Chris Paul before practice.


Jamal Crawford Clippers Introduction

Caron Butler Clippers Introduction

Chauncey Billups Clippers Introduction

Blake Griffin Clippers Introduction

DeAndre Jordan Clippers Introduction

Lamar Odom Clippers Introduction

Chris Paul Clippers Introduction






Caron Butler raises his arms after Blake Griffin sunk a half court shot.

The scrimmage begins with DeAndre Jordan winning the opening tip over Ronny Turiaf

Eric Bledsoe Dunks

DeAndre Jordan Dunk

Blake Griffin wins a jump ball

Blake Griffin throws down a dunk

Another Griffin dunk

… And Again…

All he does is dunk!